The long running science fiction show Doctor Who has been around for a very long time. In fact this year marks the 50th anniversary of this beloved show. Since 1963 the Doctor has adventured through time and space in his blue police box, all while capturing the imaginations of many along the way. In recent years this British show has even managed to gain a large following here in the US.

    I did not grow up watching The Doctor fight aliens (though I did see part of an episode when I was very young) and was first really introduced to the show with the revival in 2006 which started with Christopher Eccleston taking on the role of the Doctor. With time the show grew on me, especially when David Tennant took on the role and I have been watching. It is true that the special effects can vary between rather silly and impressive, but the show has a charm to it that you do not really find elsewhere.

    I should probably try to explain what Doctor Who is about. It is the ongoing adventures of a human looking alien known only as The Doctor (no not that kind of doctor) who travels through space and time in a blue police box, most of the time he takes humans with him on his journeys. Periodically The Doctor will die but instead of staying dead he regenerates into a new body which means a new actor. This is what people mean when they say things like how the tenth Doctor is their favorite. Currently the show is on its eleventh Doctor played by Matt Smith.

    A long running show like Doctor Who has a lot of history and recurring aliens, villains, and allies. Luckily you do not need to start watching the show from the very first episode to enjoy it. Honestly the best place to hop into the series is the same place I started, Series 1 with Christopher Eccleston as the 9th doctor. The next season or “series” opens up with David Tenant taking over the role, and I highly recommend at the very least watching some of those episodes.

    Doctor Who is definitely a very weird television show, but it is a show that is very worth getting into. If you already are a Doctor Who fan then congratulations are in order. If not then I hope you will keep it in mind next time you do not have anything in particular to do. Currently you can find Doctor Who varies places online or on Netflix.

  • Monday, April 8, 2013
  • Carlos