About Blind Ninja Studios

Blind Ninja Studios is a multimedia production company formed in 2012 by Casey Vlastuin, Matt Evenson and Matt Enberg. Based in Casey's apartment in River Falls, Wisconsin, they began recording weekly podcasts. Their flagship podcast, the Department of Offense, set the bar for the brand of conversational and discussion-based humor that was to come for the shows in the company’s near future.

With shows that include discussing video games, music, home brewing and tabletop gaming, Blind Ninja Studios produces quality content on a weekly basis. With the debut of Pancakes With Casey, a breakfast-themed blog hosted by Casey, Blind Ninja Studios began its foray into video production. Adding to that a written blog component, the company is well on its way to conquering any medium they find within their range.

The cast and crew come easily to this conclusion about the company: “It’s all about learning as you go and enjoying the ride. If you’re not having fun recording, no one’s having fun listening.” With that in mind, Blind Ninja Studios continues its upward trajectory with big plans for new shows in the coming future.

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