A few days ago I decided to dust off my copy of Dark Souls for the 360. Dark Souls is a very difficult game where you will die. A lot. A game where you will have to think your way through combat and cannot just go in blindly swinging. A game that will make you yell, “Bullshit!” at your television. It is one of those games I never got around to beating, not because I ran out of patience for it but because my attention span drifted off. Of course I had to start the game over since my mad skills had unfortunately deteriorated in the last year and a half.

    The very basic of the story is that you are undead and were sent to a where all the other undead are sent. The first goal you come across in the game is to ring two bells to open some gates. Sounds easy right? Well unfortunately there are a lot of very strong enemies between you and those bells. And this game does not hold your hand at all, you will have to blindly trudge your way through the game (or watch walkthrough videos if you really want to.) Each time you die you lose all the souls and humanity you were carrying, along with your progress. Souls are used to purchase arms and armor, spells, and even to level up. After dying you appear at the last campfire you rested at; with all the enemies you defeated back to their places. You can get back the souls and humanity if you make your way back to where you died, but if you die a second time all those souls and humanity are gone for good, which is rather detrimental to making any progress.

    All in all I have to say it is a very entertaining game, if you are looking for a challenge. If you are looking for a game to casually play through, do not choose this game. This game is difficult and unforgiving but the sense of, “I did it!” when you finally accomplish something you have died at repeatedly for the last hour makes it worth it. I definitely recommend this game if you are up for the challenge. The sequel is currently in development.

  • Monday, March 18, 2013
  • Carlos